Wildlife and pet portraits by Pat Nadarajah

About The Artist

Meet Artist Pat Nadarajah

Pat began drawing as a small child. Her father was a writer but also a great visual artist. He didn’t explore his talent beyond the occasional class and painting. However he did support her love of art and took her to the art store to buy supplies and browse the art books.

Although Pat didn’t formalize her love of art through a formal education, she never lost her passion for drawing, painting, fibre arts and pottery. Life just got very busy with a husband, a family to raise and a full-time job.

Throughout the years Pat quietly drew when the kids were sleeping and as they grew she was able to do more, which included taking classes. She was fortunate to be able to take classes in 2006 with Vic Bearcroft in the UK, to learn the medium of pastel and painting animals. It was a wonderful and inspiring experience!

Returning to the UK in 2007 once more, where Vic Bearcroft and Mike Sibley offered a workshop together, best of both worlds, animals in graphite and pastels.

Then in 2009 , Pat attended a workshop given by Lesley Harrison. Another inspiring and extremely talented pastel artist.

The journey continues today with more paintings in pastel. Please feel free to view some of Pat’s work in the gallery.